Starting Over?

I’ve never been much of a writer, but I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Encouraged by my sister, I asked her, “Ani, what should I write about?”, “ANYTHING!” she wittily stated. Not quite sure how I’m going to organize my blog, or how often I will update it, but I wanted to start now. Although 2016 hasn’t started yet, I am going to challenge myself and immerse myself in new situations. Why wait for the new year? Why not start now?

A little over a month ago, my life completely changed when my boyfriend of 10 years, Eric, tragically and unexpectedly passed away. Losing my best friend and other half, I have never felt more alone, scared, and unsure of what lies ahead. Eric, being one of my biggest support systems, next to my family, once told me that, “The hardest part of new beginnings is that they follow painful endings.” Words cannot describe how painful the ending of Eric’s life is to me, but I am positively looking at the future, excited for what it has in store.

Making goals for myself is something I always strived to do. I’m hoping that in writing this blog I will be able to share some of my goals with all of you. Will you help keep me accountable? I want to share with you what I’ve been working on the past month–some goals which I have accomplished already.

  1. On Saturday, I will move into my new home. I have been living with my parents since the end of October, but I am ready to get back to my grind in the city. I found a place in a new location with new people. I am excited to immerse myself in a new situation and hope to learn a lot from it. My new roommates seem pretty awesome (a Craigslist find)!
  2. I planned a quick vacation for myself, and will be heading to Naples, Florida on Sunday. One of my college roommates lives there with her husband, and she graciously invited me to spend a few days with them. I am looking forward to the sun, sand, and beach!
  3. I have been dabbling in new relaxation/mediation techniques. Shutting down my mind is hard for me. I am a perpetual thinker. I have been trying to meditate daily using guided meditation via the websites and I also started reading Relaxation Revolution by Herbert Benson, MD and William Proctor, JD. These men have thoroughly investigated how the mind can heal the body and soul. I hope to apply their scientifically proven techniques to my daily life. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

I would love to get some feedback from all of you, as this is my first time doing this. I will include all of you in my upcoming goals, adventures, and anything else I feel like blah blahing about. Here’s to new beginnings!